Picture Callibration at DirecTV
UX Design

Most people buy a TV, take it out of the box, and don’t change their picture settings. Since DIRECTV has the best picture quality in the industry, how can we guarantee their premium experience from the satellite to the set-top-box to the TV?

In this project, I extensively researched the technicalities behind picture optimization, did a competitive analysis on how similar companies address this issue, and presented my own solution with a user flow, wireframes, and storyboards.


My research consisted of studying online the technical functions and capabilities of picture display, interviewing technicians at Marigold in El Segundo, and conversing with DIRECTV engineers. I discovered that perfected picture quality relies on both automated software and the human eye. I was also able to test out tools that other companies offer, such as Spyder, Xbox, Apple, and THX.

After analyzing the approaches these companies took to solving the picture calibration issue, decided to create a wizard that would ameliorate the issue to the broadest audience among DirecTV customers—people who want to care but don’t know how.

Below are my wire frames and final deck of the wizard.

User Flow
Final Deck